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Introduction and History of the Academy

The Czech Academy of Dermatovenereology (CADV), a public benefit organization (CADV) was established to provide education and research and development activities in the field of dermatovenereology and successfully integrate (the Czech base) of this basic medical discipline with dermatovenereology in Europe and the world. It deals particularly with the organization of workshops, symposia and international congresses, press conferences, advocacy of research papers, calls for grant projects and publication activities.

The Czech Academy of Dermatovenereology aims to cooperate and partner with companies in the field of dermatovenereology. CADV is not a competitor. Its objectives are different in that they are to educate and represent the field at home and abroad exclusively.

Objectives of the Czech Academy of Dermatovenereology include doctor support for dermatovenereologists and residents in the fields of dermatovenereology, children dermatovenereology and aesthetic dermatovenereology; to put Czech dermatovenereologists on the map for international professional organizations and its committees; to organize vocational postgraduate and continuous education, research and development; to communicate with patients, general public and media on the issue of dermatovenereology; to prevent and provide treatment of skin and venereal diseases, especially by organizing press conferences, producing publications for the general public, web pages, etc. CADV activities are aimed at dermatovenereologists, general and paediatric physicians and other specialists, as well as medical personnel (nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) and other professions that are related to the field of dermatovenereology (beauticians, masseurs, etc.), patients, general public and media. Abroad, CADV relates to dermatovenereologists and their respective national and international professional organizations.

The Czech Academy of Dermatovenereology is a national dermatological organization of the International League of Dermatological Societies and a collective member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (Czech Republic is therefore represented by two organizations – CADV and CDS CLS JEP).

Education in dermatovenereology is provided to members through journals and via the internet on our website. Our journal called the CZECH Dermatovenereology is published by Mlada Fronta and distributed to members free of charge based on the membership fee. On behalf of its members, CADV can also arrange membership in a European Dermatological Society of their choice (EADV, ESDR, ESDP). Often, it goes hand in hand with subscription to another European journal (mostly the Journal of European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology). Last year, we reimbursed the EADV annual membership fee for a total of 86 Czech dermatologists!

Integral parts of education are expert events and congresses - the longest tradition with national dermatological congresses is held by CADV, the familiar Prague Dermatology Symposium, which in 2010 changed its name to NATIONAL CONGRESS of DERMATOLOGY. The second annual meeting of experts is the AESTHETIC MEDICINE SYMPOSIUM, which has become a tradition since 2007, and the MELANOMA DAY, organized since 2005 to take place every other year. Regional expert seminars fall under dermatology education plans of the respective city or region.

The education focus is mainly directed at our young colleagues, the residents. We have been organizing an expert symposium for them since 2009. The residents are event managers as well as their own speakers. Moreover, since 2010 residents may apply for financial support of their postgraduate training through the IUVENTUS DERMATOLOGICA fund.

Education in the field is supported by a number of awards and grants awarded annually by the Academy. Among them are:

  • PROF. JANOVSKY PRIZE: Genoa (CZK 30.000) – for contribution to the field in the past year
  • PROF. JANOVSKY INTERNATIONAL PRIZE – for the development of the field
  • PROF. SAMBERGER PRIZE (CZK 30.000) – for the best young dermatologist publication
  • PROF. TRYBA PRIZE (CZK 25.000) – for research in dermatovenereology
  • GRANTS can be used for a specific project, presentation or a banner placement at a congress, etc. Every year, CZK 70.000 of grant money is distributed.

How do we present our field to the outside world? Apart from expert events, to which speakers from other disciplines are regularly invited, we are pleased with the participation of colleagues, general practitioners and other specialists. Together with the Czech Association of Nurses, we have been organizing a symposium for dermatologist nurses since 2005. We participate in the organization of expert events in other fields, such as the Society for the use of lasers in medicine.

Since 2001, we have been organizing the EUROPEAN MELANOMA DAY for the general public. In 2008, we examined children from nursery schools together with the Ikaros foundation fund. Since 2007, we have been organizing the World Psoriasis Day in cooperation with the Czech Dermatovenereology Society CLS JEP. We participate in activities of other organizations too. In 2009 as well as this year, for example, we joined a tour exhibition of the League against Cancer, etc. Since 2009, we have funded the cost of the print and our expertise in our involvement with the publishing of the psoriasis and atopic eczema journal, THE SPAE BULLETIN.

We have organized several press conferences for the media aimed at current projects every year. Since 2008, we have been running the MODERN DERMATOLOGY PORTAL at, where one can find, for example, contacts for other dermatovenereologists or residential dermatology facilities, etc.

CADV members are dermatologists, residents in dermatovenereology, general practitioners, specialists, nurses, as well as laymen and dermatologists abroad. The Academy also has honorary members and partners, pharmaceutical and other companies operating in the field of dermatovenereology. CADV’s statutes and rules of procedure are available there. Each CADV member can log into the working group as per their interest. As of January 2013, CADV has 546 members.

Prof. Jana Hercogova, M.D., Ph.D.
Member of the Board of Directors and Secretary General





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